Detailing at lake Country.

Your car needs to be in a condition that you can be proud of. At Lake Country UK we understand that.

Our approach to detailing is simple, transparent, and no-nonsense.  We know, based on over a century of combined experience and having trained hundreds of amateur and pro detailers alike, that great results also depend on the skill of the detailer – not just the quality of the products. This is why we have a small, dedicated, multi-talented team, trained by Kelly Harris, where each individual understands your needs and knows how to exceed your expectations.

Carrying over our company commitment to education, all our team members at Lake Country UK will be happy to advise you on any aspect of our services – with as much technical information as you can handle!

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New Car Detailing
Used Car Detailing

The first part of diagnosing what’s needed on any detailing job is to discover what it is that YOU aren’t happy with. Once that’s understood, we add the benefit of our own experience and put together a plan of action that guarantees you’ll be over the moon with the result.

Lake Country UK’s dedicated facility (formerly KDS Keltec) is based conveniently close to a main-line train station with direct links to London.  We have high levels of security and insurance to give you peace of mind when you drop your car off, and being enclosed, lit and protected from the elements means we deliver consistent quality results all year round.  All the products we use have all been extensively and independently tested in house – leaning on Kelly’s years as an R&D engineer – and we have a vast range of tools, technology, ramps and lighting rigs at our disposal, allowing us to work specifically to your car’s characteristics.  We can even arrange a covered transport service to collect or deliver if requested.

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