Used car detailing.

Bringing back the shine and the smiles.

Properly perfected paintwork is a thing of beauty, and we are able to achieve sensational results from tired, scratched, swirly, oxidised, etched and stained paint. 

Our polishing processes are world-renowned, building on extensive R&D and the very highest quality polishing products from Lake Country, to ensure a finish that outshines the competition – and truly lasts.

platinum detail

Our platinum correction detail takes paint correction beyond the next level...

You will be amazed at the level of finish we achieve with this detail, no matter what condition of the car may be in to start with. Our PLATINUM detail takes paint correction beyond the next level, and will include Kelly Harris painstakingly removing every defect that can possibly be polished away from the paintwork. 

gold detail

Our gold correction detail is best suited to cars with more extensive defects...

…such as deeper scratches or chemical etching, and cars dulled through wear and tear over a number of years. However, it is also generally recommended for cars suffering from ‘unfinished’ workmanship from a paint shop – or indeed the original production line. Ugly leftover sanding marks can be quite deep and are a common feature on hand-worked paintwork, whether it is from a repairer, or a low-volume manufacturer.

silver detail

Our silver correction detail is designed for vehicles with 'medium' level paint defects ...

The SILVER correction process will deal with swirls and scratches, dullness a reduced depth of colour caused by poor hand washing techniques and automated car washes.  Other defects that can be removed with this process are light car park scrapes, water marks, ‘buffer lines / holograms’ left by body shops or less experienced detailers, and minor bird dropping stains. 

bronze detail

Our bronze paint correction detail is designed to suit cars in 'nearly new' condition

…with only very minor paint defects, where the aim is to specifically remove them and leave a near-flawless finish. This is also the package to go for if your vehicle has had previous paint correction carried out within the last 12-24 months, and has only picked up minor swirls in the meantime.

Older vehicles tend to have had more repairs and exhibit a broader combination of defects than newer ones, which means our experience is invaluable. One panel to the next could require a completely different approach.

Thanks to years of extensive in-house testing and development (leaning heavily on Kelly Harris’s research and development background), we have devised paint correction methods that are effective, safe, and replicable, and our understanding of the paint process (since we paint cars in-house) helps us even further. Machine polishing, despite how complicated some websites and videos will attempt to make it sound, is really just ‘abrasion’ – but the skill required to achieve excellent results comes down to understanding the science behind diminishing compounds, pressures, speeds, angles, temperatures, surface areas, filler extraction, paint thickness and varying densities – a balancing act that becomes an art with experience.

To complement the transformation we can restore and replenish the appearance of plastics, rubbers, trims, glass, chrome, fabrics and leather. With the extensive range of optional extras available, practically every visual aspect of your car can be totally rejuvenated under one roof, in one trip.

At Lake Country UK, we will consult with you and offer the benefit of over a century of detailing and automotive expertise. We understand that sometimes ‘absolute perfection’ is all that matters, sometimes a ‘massive improvement’ is enough, and sometimes a ‘tidy up’ is all you need, so we have detailing packages available that take this into account. There will be a ‘sweet spot’ for you, your car and your budget, and a quick general inspection is free – you are welcome to visit any time we’re open. Alternatively, if your car’s had an eventful or particularly long life, or if you’d simply prefer us to fully investigate and document its current condition before deciding what route to take, we do offer an in-depth hour-long inspection service.

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