Paint Protection Film.
the ultimate peace of mind

For extreme protection, we are pleased to offer Paint Protection Film (PPF) as an option.

A carefully applied second skin, constructed from a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers with self-healing and stone chip resistant properties, means that your paintwork can be completely shielded from environmental hazards. Thanks to advancements in the technology today’s PPF also no longer suffers from the yellowing and cracking that early versions used to, so your car can be protected – and still look fantastic.

In everyday driving, cars are at risk of being damaged by flying grit and detritus kicked up by the car ahead. A peppered front end can really let down the look of a new car, and we understand that even one prominent chip can be a source of constant irritation. When you add the potential for colour match complications and loss of originality that occurs during a re-spray, it’s easy to see why a common request nowadays is for a ‘front end install’, in which the bumper, bonnet, headlights, front wings, wing mirrors and A-pillars are protected with PPF. Including the side skirts and rear wheel arch areas would be the next logical level of protection, with a ‘full car’ installation available on many models. With levels of fitment options available, we will be happy to tailor a bespoke solution for you and your car.

The ultimate peace of mind

We have been accredited by multiple well-known PPF suppliers and have carried out our own independent testing of the various films available for both durability and looks. For this reason, it’s best to speak to us about which film is recommended, as the answer may be different from car to car, or even panel to panel.

As standard, we will treat your PPF with a traditional wax or sealant. However, for the ultimate peace of mind we are able to apply Gtechniq protection on top of your PPF, with the same benefits and incredible long-life properties that nano-coatings provide on bare paint.

PPF protection
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