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Did you know, every time you wax and buff your car you could be making it more swirly and dull?

Tiny particles of dust and dirt in the air, on the car, in your applicator or on your microfibre cloths all contribute super-fine scratches as they’re rubbed over the paint surface. This gradually dulls and ages the lacquer and, because traditional waxes and sealants only last a few weeks at a time, you have to keep re-doing it!  It’s like a downward spiral!

Gtechniq provides a solution. The absolute pinnacle of modern smart surface technology, Gtechniq ceramic coatings (a.k.a. nano-coatings) offer the most robust protection for your paintwork and are proven to last for multiple years.  A hard, glossy, chemically resistant, low surface-tension barrier against the elements means your car will look cleaner when it’s dirty, be quicker and easier to wash, and – best of all – require no further waxing and buffing. This massively helps to preserve the ‘just detailed’ look for years to come, adding value to your detailing package.

What you can expect from Gtechniq protection...

As part of Gtechniq’s total surface protection package, we offer the full suite of Gtechniq protective products for your car’s interior and exterior.

We include...

Crystal Serum

For the absolute ultimate in durability, you could choose to upgrade to the new Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra application. When you do so, we apply it on all exterior paintwork, wheels, and painted callipers.

Crystal Serum Ultra is a game-changer: it’s so tough that even machine polishing, which CAN burn all the way through your car’s paintwork if not done with care, won’t necessarily remove it. Crystal Serum Ultra must therefore only be applied by professionals in a specially prepared environment.

With Crystal Serum Ultra applied, you have a permanent layer of protection on your car’s surfaces. We top it off with EXO V5 as standard, to give the car that silky slippery smooth feeling, as well as an even wetter look to the finish (this combination is sometimes called the Crystal Serum Ultra Black package). Please note, because of its permanent nature we only offer to apply Crystal Serum Ultra on paint finishes that are sufficiently defect-free. As a rough guide this means the car must either be in very good ‘new’ condition, or corrected by us to Bronze (on light cars) or Silver (medium/dark) standard.

Gtechniq protection
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